They’re BACK!!

Girl Scouts at the Putnam

We had a busy two weeks with Girl Scouts! Scouts were here for Oceanfest where they watched the new film The Last Reef on the Giant Screen. Later they went into the museum where they got to see and touch live starfish and sea urchins, make their own tide pools and an ocean in a bottle. With over 300 girls here both days it was a splashing good time!


The following week we enjoyed a lovely cup of tea at the High Tea Event. During this event Girl Scouts ate a “kid friendly” version of High Tea, had an etiquette lesson from Emily Post and ended the evening participating in childhood games from the early 1900s. Thank you for coming Girl Scouts! Or as Emily Post would say: “It was a pleasure, please do come again”.


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Stomp Rockets

We had a great time playing with stomp rockets, whirlybirds, and rubber band planes. 3…2…1…Blast off!

Fun For All

December 26-30 we celebrated Fun For All at the Putnam Museum! It was a busy week here at the museum, families came to participate in activities throughout the Exhibit Halls. Think Tank Thursday families participated in buoyancy battles (seen below), trying to see whose tin foil boat could hold the most hex nuts while still afloat.