Civil War

The Civil War presentation is great for students grades 5-8. A costumed presenter will transport students back to the 1860′s using artifacts, stories, primary sources and reproductions that highlight our regions role in the civil war.

Outline for the Visit: Civil War Timeline worksheet

Additional Resources specific to the Quad City Area :

Civil war supplementary resources Written by museum staff, this document includes stories, history, and information on the Civil War as it relates to our region. Could be used to make a great jigsaw lesson.

Helpful Links:

Civil War website. Great student resources.

Library of Congress has Primary Documents scanned to read!

Links to Links.

Project Ideas:

Create a MySpace of Civil war characters. **The Putnam Education department would like to help a classroom set up a Civil War website specific to this region. Please contact if you would like to do this project as a class.

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