Microbes adventure!

Microbes Adventure!

Grades: 1-8

Join in an adventure with Buster Clean, “The Cell Buster”. Buster combats germs, examines cell structure, viruses and bacteria (good and bad). The Cell Buster demonstrates with the audience why we use different medicines and cleaners to fight the different nasties that are around and in us. Buster also emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and good hygiene. Includes a very “illuminating” black light demonstration.

Maximum: one class (30 people)

Duration: 30 minutes

Iowa Core: Science as Inquiry, Life Science

Illinois Learning Standards: Elementary and Middle School. 22a, 22b

Exhibit Connection: Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing AlliesWeathere.

Microbes Adventure Pre-Visit

Microbes Adventure Post-Visit

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