Ancient Egypt: Isis Neferit

Ancient Egypt: Isis Neferit

Grades: 5 & Up

A two-part program! First, a costumed interpreter makes a dramatic presentation on the life of this temple chantress. This peek at life in ancient Egypt also includes a “demonstration” of the mummification process! Then, a Museum Educator will lead you to the Egyptian Gallery to give detail on some of the most asked about artifacts and be available to answer student questions. An exhibit-related treasure hunt is available on our website. Feel free to bring copies for your students’ use in the exhibit.

Maximum: 60 students

Program Duration: 60 minutes

Exhibit connection: Unearthing Ancient Egypt

Giant Screen film connection: Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs 3D or Mystery of the Nile

Isis Neferit Pre-Visit

Isis Neferit Post-Post

Treasure Hunt

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