The Cornet Caper has struck again!

This is the 4th clue in a string of 12 clues. Arrange the photo segments in this picture to solve the clue. The correct order will reveal a picture and the name of a landmark in Scott County. Solve the clue, go to the location, take a picture with yourself in front of the landmark, […]


Clue #2

Please! Help Us Solve this Clue!

Solve the mystery! Discover our history!

We need YOUR help! Follow the link below – there’s no time to lose! Have thieves come to the Putnam?? ‎

New Opportunities!

The Putnam is proud to debut the newest addition of education programming – Putnam for Preschool! Bring the museum to your preschool or daycare with 6 unique, hands-on and engaging science activities sure to inspire the youngest explorer! Contact us for more information on how you can be a Putnam for Preschool partner! Putnam for […]

Thanks for visiting the Putnam Education page

Thank you for visiting. The Putnam Education Department is dedicated to serving teachers and community members in the Mississippi Valley region and beyond. While visiting us, we hope that you’ll: Utilize our resources related to museum exhibits and programs. Make your field trips and outreach experiences even better. Communicate thoughts and ideas how the museum […]