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Join Us in Celebrating 175 Years of Scott County History!

2012 will mark the 175th Anniversary of Scott County Iowa. Have your classroom be part of the celebration by participating in the Putnam Museum’s Scott County Winter Count Project! This free project will help your students understand the importance of the Winter Count to Native Americans in our area as well as guide them in […]

New Opportunities!

The Putnam is proud to debut the newest addition of education programming – Putnam for Preschool! Bring the museum to your preschool or daycare with 6 unique, hands-on and engaging science activities sure to inspire the youngest explorer! Contact us for more information on how you can be a Putnam for Preschool partner! Putnam for […]

Treading new paths

The life of a teacher is demanding and sometimes thankless. Let the Putnam help you. The Putnam Museum has been a great resource to the community for many years. Browse the information in the site to: Help with lesson planning Supplement a field trip or outreach presentation Save yourself time We are excited to see […]