The Cornet Caper has struck again!

This is the 4th clue in a string of 12 clues. Arrange the photo segments in this picture to solve the clue. The correct order will reveal a picture and the name of a landmark in Scott County. Solve the clue, go to the location, take a picture with yourself in front of the landmark, […]


Clue #2

They’re BACK!!

Please! Help Us Solve this Clue!

Solve the mystery! Discover our history!

We need YOUR help! Follow the link below – there’s no time to lose! Have thieves come to the Putnam?? ‎

New Opportunities!

The Putnam is proud to debut the newest addition of education programming – Putnam for Preschool! Bring the museum to your preschool or daycare with 6 unique, hands-on and engaging science activities sure to inspire the youngest explorer! Contact us for more information on how you can be a Putnam for Preschool partner! Putnam for […]